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Aerial Photography Philosophy


Elevating Perspectives:

Where Photography Meets the Sky

Most of my photography was created from the sky. I have been climbing a lot of places around the world, now I'm focusing on drone photography as well. So, why aerial?


Welcome to my world where cities become notes in a visual symphony, and the sky is my canvas. Picture this: rooftops as brushstrokes, streets as stories, and the sky as my limitless canvas. A thousand feet above, I craft art that whispers of bustling lives and silent dreams. Fog, sunrise, rainbow—the elements become my collaborators, helping me transform mere sights into soul-stirring spectacles.


Moments in Motion

Capturing fleeting moments is my obsession. I'm the visual time traveler who freezes sunrises, choreographs sunsets, and captures the poetry that dances between. Each click is an invitation to pause, to savor life's grand show, and to bask in the beauty that's too often missed in the daily rush.


Frames that Move Your Soul

But my journey doesn't end with a photograph. It's a relentless quest to tell stories—stories that find voice in the moving frames of documentary filmmaking. I unveil the lives of strangers, cultures of far-off lands, and the shared human experience that threads through every corner of our world. Antarctica, Canada and Alaska - all of these science documentary you can find around. 


 Join the Flight

As you explore my website, you're not just scrolling pixels; you're embarking on a visual adventure. You're soaring over skylines, gazing at cities through my lens that's more like a magic wand. And with a sprinkle of social media magic, you can join me on Facebook for a behind-the-scenes peek into the life of an aerial dreamer.

So fasten your seatbelt—this journey promises to shift your perspective, awaken your senses, and etch my artistry into your memory like a melody you can't forget.

Ready to Take Flight?

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